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$80.40 ($3.35 per can)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.

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Rodenbach Classic is all about refreshment while still delivering on the quality that all Rodenbach's sour red ales are known for!

Rodenbach Classic sets the bar for Flemish red-brown ales. This ale owes its sweet and sour fruitiness and refreshing taste to the fact that it is some of the beer is matured for 2 years in oak casks while some is fresh ale.

Wine Enthusiast 91 points
Beer Advocate 90 points
Beverage Testing Institute 90 points

The aroma from this clear, brown beer with a dense tan head is a complex mix of black cherries, oranges, malt vinegar, and hints of wood. The flavor is an evenly balanced delicate blend of sweet malt, black cherries, orange, and a light acetic sourness. The 5% ABV, medium body, light carbonation, and sweet finish make this a very easy-drinking and versatile sour beer. It can easily replace a glass of red wine at dinner, especially a red wine blend. It's also quite comfortable next to a burger and fries where the acidity would accentuate the tomatoes and ketchup. Garrick van Buren, The Beer Connoisseur

Aromas and flavours of cherry, balsamic vinegar, plum, raspberry and oak. It's medium-bodied and tart with a slightly sweet and sour finish. Very refreshing and sessionable.
Pair with Coq Au Vin and garlic mashed potatoes or crème brûlée.

Rodenbach Classic is a blend of 25% aged ale (aged for 2 years in large oak casks called Fouders) and 75% young sour ale.

Rodenbach Classic

$80.40 ($3.35 per can)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.