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La Delizia
Prosecco DOC


$131.94 ($21.99 per bottle)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.

450 small grape growers come together at La Delizia to produce wines of great value and quality from the region of Friulani.

The La Delizia Prosecco Extra Dry is made from the indigenous Glera grape grown across the Friuli region.

This seems to have a bit more fruit and character than many proseccos, with nicely ripe pear/melon fruit, vague lemon and a touch of corn husk greenness. It's light bodied, fresh and firm with a light dusting of sweetness on the finish. Nicely active, slightly foamy mousse. The length is very good. - David Lawrason, Wine Align

A fragrant wine with intense green apple, pear, light peach and floral aromatics. A pleasant and fine sparkling wine that is fresh and well balanced.

This wine is made from grapes carefully selected directly at the vineyards. Such selection takes place with respect for the utmost care and precision required by our wine experts. The base wine is added with selected yeasts and sugar, then fermentation takes place under controlled temperature in pressurized tanks. After the filtration procedure the wine is bottled using modern technologies.

La Delizia Prosecco DOC

$131.94 ($21.99 per bottle)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.