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La Delizia
Pinot Grigio


$179.88 ($14.99 per bottle)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.

The butterfly is a symbol of healthiness, beauty and lightness, environmental bioindicator
par excellence. It flies light and delicate in the nature and
among vineyards, it symbolically represents the sustainability of the
whole production chain and guarantees the quality of the product to the consumer, confirming a careful and qualified production process, which respects both man and environment.

The production area includes a wide acerage on the plains of the Friuli Region. On this land, well-known for its profound winemaking expertise, the nature of the soil and the particularly mild climate contribute to create the best conditions for the vines growth.

This wine is versatile, light and crisp. It is an easy-drinking, lively wine full of ripe peach and grapefruit flavours. It is beautifully balanced with a pleasant finish. Ideal as an aperitif and matches well with summer salads, fish and light chicken dishes.

Traditional "white method": The grapes are gently pressed using advanced winemaking techniques and equipment. The fermentation takes place at a low temperature. After the stabilization procedure, the wine is bottled using modern technologies.

La Delizia Pinot Grigio

$179.88 ($14.99 per bottle)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.