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Kavi Reserve
Coffee Blended Canadian Whisky


$383.40 ($31.95 per bottle)

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Kavi Reserve is the harmonization of cold brew coffee and Canadian whisky. It is expertly crafted with natural ingredients, in small batches by a team of family and friends. The coffee and whisky are made specifically to compliment each other and are blended in barrels for a smooth mellow finish.

The Canadian whisky comes through at the front of the pallet with smooth notes of oakiness. As you continue to sip, you'll notice sweet vanilla in the middle pallet before you dive into a mellow coffee finish. The finish is exceptionally well-rounded, ideal for easy sipping or enjoying on the rocks.

It took over two years to perfect the process behind Kavi Reserve. We wanted to ensure that we had perfected the blending, maturing, brewing and marrying process before sharing Kavi Reserve with others. We are confident that we have truly found the best way to bring coffee and whisky together.

Kavi Reserve Coffee Blended Canadian Whisky

$383.40 ($31.95 per bottle)