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Apricot du Roussillon


$293.94 ($48.99 per bottle)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.

Giffard is the specialist of liqueurs and syrups since 1885. Discover our products and unique savoir faire unique for 5 generations. Created for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts to create elevated cocktail experiences!
Giffard has created these premium liqueurs to create cocktails, best used in short drinks in which the liqueur becomes the principal ingredient.
Numerous fruit varieties and expressions have been tested to select only the best while guaranteeing the origin of the product. The most appropriate spirits, spices and fruits have been chosen to enrich aromas and obtain a perfect balance of flavors.

The apricot, considered a close cousin of the plum, originally comes from China where it has been cultivated for more than 2000 years. In France, it is thanks in particular to Louis XIV, the “Sun King”, that the apricot takes off. Giffard has selected apricots from Roussillon for their firm, sweet and very fragrant flesh.

Difford's Spirit Guide Star Rating: 5/5

Golden yellow liqueur with fine orange shades. The bouquet is revealed in stages : sweetness of ripe apricot at first, then a slight vegetal hint, and sweet spices (vanilla) and caramel in the finish. The taste is at first very round and smooth mouth, reminding of one caramelized apricot compote.

Giffard Apricot du Roussillon

$293.94 ($48.99 per bottle)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.