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$77.70 ($12.95 per bottle)
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Arguable the most highly awarded beer in the world.
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Rodenbach Vintage is the unique result of a selection by our brew masters. The barrel that after two years of maturation has produced the best beer, is selcted as "the best barrel of the year". The label references the number of barrel stated and the year which marks the beginning of the maturation period.

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Beer Connoisseur 97 points
Wine Enthusiast 96 points

Rodenbach Vintage is 100% matured old beer, resulting in superior Rodenbach Grand Cru. Its taste is complex, round, intense and refreshing. Typically, the apple tart fruitiness combined with caramel, wild honey and oak with a hint of vanilla, cherry and licorice. Its aroma has hints of caramel and oak, as well as notes of green apples mixed with honey and chocolate. The soft sour, fruity aftertaste is long and nicely balanced like a grand cru wine.

Deep mahogany with a fine, lacy head. Aromas of sour cherry and dried fruit are underscored by balsamic vinegar and a hint of lacquer. Tart and sour flavours are balanced by malty sweetness and spicy oak notes that carry through to a lengthy finish. Drinkable and refreshing, this would be a great match for sauerbraten.

Rodenbach Vintage is a unique unblended Flemish red-brown ale that is matured for 2 years in the best oak casks.

Rodenbach Vintage

$77.70 ($12.95 per bottle)
All prices exclude taxes and bottle deposit.