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Cabernet Sauvignon


$599.88 ($49.99 per bottle)

Goldschmidt Vineyards Cabernets are crafted with the best possible resources to achieve exceptional richness, quality and balance – the hallmarks of world-class wines.

The wines Nick and Yolyn Goldschmidt produce are all single vineyard, 100% varietal, handcrafted, small production artisan wines.

The lovely black cherry and plum nose gives way to warm spice and intense blueberry. The mouth is full and lush, with layers of flavors. This Cab displays classic Napa Valley power, with a full, round tannin finish. Enjoy now and over the next 10 years.

A yardstick is an old basis for measurement for 3 feet which can be used as a baseline or reference point from which all measure came from. YARDSTICK Ruth’s Reach Cabernet Sauvignon is just that: it offers the signature taste of Napa Valley but without the baseline Napa Valley price. The 2017 vintage comes from the mid-valley area with its moderately warm climate Region III classification. This vineyard is far enough south to receive regular morning fog from the San Pablo Bay but far enough north to bask in the hot afternoon Napa Valley sun. Late in the day cool breezes flow north and the cooling cycle repeats, thus preserving the grapes’ color and acidity. The soils here are alluvial browns producing wines with exceptional richness, bright acidity, and fine tannins.

Yardstick Cabernet Sauvignon

$599.88 ($49.99 per bottle)