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Pumphouse Brewery
Crafty Radler


$2.88 ($2.88 per bottle)

Crafty Radler includes a mix of house-made grapefruit and tangerine soda and high ABV craft beer.

The story of the Pump House Brewery began over 40 years ago with one man’s dream and love of great craft beer. Today, we are proud to be able to include so many of you in our story as it continues to be poured.

Gold - Experimental Beer
2020 Down East Brewing Awards
​Best Experimental Beer
2018 First-Town Craft Beer Festival
Best in Fest
2017 Atlantic Beer Festival
Best in Fest
2016 Atlantic Beer Festival

It exhibits a natural cloudy pale pink colour and is as appealing to the taste buds as it is to the nose. This mixture gives off a refreshing smell of ripe, freshly sliced grapefruit with sweet notes of fresh picked tangerines. There is also a slight lingering aroma of Willamette hops that create the base of this delicious blend. The grapefruit flavour dances with the sweetness of tangerines, while the malt and hops give a balanced foundation.

Pumphouse Brewery Crafty Radler

$2.88 ($2.88 per bottle)