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Kew Vineyards
Soldier's Grant


$209.73 ($17.48 per bottle)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc wines dominate the Bordeaux and Loire Valley.

After the War of 1812, the Canadian government awarded Richard Kew the plot of land on which the vineyard sits today. His brother William maintained ownership of the land and ran a successful carriage making business out of the very house in which our retail space is located.

Our 2018 Soldier’s Grant is a medium bodied Cabernet blend, consisting of 53% Cabernet
Sauvignon 25% Syrah and 22% Cabernet Franc. For this particular vintage, 14% of the
Cabernet Franc was dried out in the appassimento style. Maturing in French and
American oak, this blend is a wine that is strong in character and a fitting way for us to pay
homage to the Kew family.
On the nose, tobacco and eucalyptus are complemented by notes of raspberry and sour cherry. Bright strawberry and cherry combine to create a vibrant and rich palate that
demonstrates bold notes of leather and a hint of smokiness. The Appassimento style is
evident in both the approachable tannin and incredibly smooth finish.

Kew Vineyards Soldier's Grant

$209.73 ($17.48 per bottle)