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Kew Vineyards
Marsanne Viognier


$209.73 ($17.48 per bottle)

Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier are the classic white wine grapes of France’s Rhône
Valley appellation, making the Hermitage one of the most enduringly prestigious wines of
the region.
At Kew Vineyards we pride ourselves on our unique vineyard, which include some of the oldest vines in Ontario along with a few rare varietals for the region. Nothing is more special, in our opinion, than our Marsanne vines, which remain unique to us and continue to thrive, despite our cool climate and the challenges it presents

Our winemaker Philip Dowell continues to show his passion for these Rhône specialties
with our latest vintage featuring 75% Marsanne and 25% Viognier.
On the nose, notes of lemon and pineapple are complemented by undertones of orange blossom, deepening into sweet vanilla extract and a touch of macadamia nut. With a lean
acidic backbone, pineapple and citrus remain bright and structured on the palate. Aging in French Puncheons for eight months allows the minerality in this wine to shine, while a hint
of creaminess keeps the finish long and structured.

Kew Vineyards Marsanne Viognier

$209.73 ($17.48 per bottle)