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Creekside Estate Winery
Pinot Grigio VQA


$179.40 ($14.95 per bottle)

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Creekside Estate Winery opened in 1997 in small-town Jordan, Ontario. The Winery is run by a passionate (some say fanatical) group of industry veterans who have decades of experience.

A fresh fruit bowl in your wine glass! Classic Italian style acidity and minerality with Niagara flavours of golden delicious apple, melon, pear and zesty citrus. Our Grigio is a reliable crowd pleaser, perfect for any taste and sure to be the life of the party. No need to worry about finding an occasion to crack this bottle, the answer is simple: anytime, anywhere with anything!

Pale gold colour; nuts, grapefruit, herbs, smoke and fig aromas and flavours; medium to full bodied and complex for a pinot grigio.

Northern Italian-styled Pinot Grigio suits Niagara’s climate beautifully, especially in cooler sites on the shores of Lake Ontario. The fruit holds its acidity well, develops lovely tree fruit flavours and of course Mother Nature throws in the intrinsic plump mouthfeel characteristic of the variety. These three components combine to make the refreshing & gulpable wine that is the choice of patio-loungers everywhere.

Creekside Estate Winery Pinot Grigio VQA

$179.40 ($14.95 per bottle)