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Casal Sobreiro
Vinho Tinto


$155.88 ($12.99 per bottle)

The wines produced by Vidigal from the region of Lisbon, originate from vineyards close to the Atlantic Ocean. The influence of the sea breeze helps create with a range of wines that are fresh and fruity.

An authentically approachable crowd-pleaser that is also great for a Portuguese Sangria

Bright ruby, aged color with pale gold and tawny tones. Fruit aroma, vegetal hints. Medium body with elegant spices and delicate finale.
Food Pairing: Grilled red meats, light seasoned dishes.

Crushing and full destemming, fermentation and classic tanning in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperatures

Casal Sobreiro Vinho Tinto

$155.88 ($12.99 per bottle)