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Angels Gate
All you need mixed 6 pack

$87.17 ($14.53 per bottle)

The unoaked Chardonnay is meant to be a reflection of local terroir, as we believe that good viticultural practices are a key to crafting great wines.
Pinot Noir is a difficult grape to grow, as it requires much maintenance and care throughout the growing season. Winemakers the world over struggle with this varietal, but when done well it is amongst the richest and most complex wines the world over. A number of our vintages of Pinot Noir are award winners, making us a premium producer. Our select vineyard locations are also some of the oldest and most fertile in the region.
Cabernet Merlot is one of the world’s most revered blends. It is typically a blend of one or both of the Cabernet grapes as well as Merlot. In our example we are using Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The Cabernet creates the skeletal structure of the wine, while the Merlot offers elegance. From a winemaker perspective this type of blend is exciting to make, as it is often done solely by nose. Each varietal is monitored and tasted regularly, to allow the fruit to express itself. When the individual wines are close to maturity the winemaker begins selection of specific barrels and proportions for the blend based on the final style of wine that is required.

Unaoked Chardoonay: Upon first glance this wine has a soft, golden straw hue. Aromas of pear, green apple and lemon zest dominate the nose. The palate shows bright acidity and a light, clean body. The palate features notes of apple and citrus up front, followed by a slightly peachy finish.
Pinot Noir: The nose is full of cherry, raspberry, earth tones and toasty oak. The mouth feel is complex and warm, with good texture. The tannins are silky and soft, making this an approachable wine in its youth.
Cabernet-Merlot: When the wine is freshly opened it shows aromas of cherry, fig and cedar. Once it has had time to breath, it demonstrates characters of red currant, blackberry, earth and cigar box, followed by subtle undertones of stewed fruits, mulling spices and green peppercorn. The palate is warm with good structure, yet not overwhelming in tannins, followed by a dry finish

Angels Gate All you need mixed 6 pack

$87.17 ($14.53 per bottle)