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Fogs Edge Chardonnay RRV

Goldschmidt Vineyards
RegionNapa, United States
Inventory StatusIn Stock
Case Size12 x 750mL bottles
Price (incl. HST)$455.88 ($37.99 / bottle)

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Fog knows no boundaries. Fog moves in at a slow pace, covers a landscape, and brings with it silence and mystery. You cannot see through or into fog. Like a cat, fog is always looking, taking everything in. Everything that has a shape: mountains, buildings, fences, people, all get obscured by fog. But fog does not continue endlessly, and where it stops, the world is clear and bright to us again. Fog makes many appearances around the rolling hills and gentle slopes of the Russian River Valley. This area known for its foggy nights and misty mornings has the ideal climate and soil for growing premium Chardonnay. Just as fog knows no boundaries, the range of Chardonnay styles is almost as limitless.

Tasting Notes

Beautifully perfumed aromatics of caramel, honey, apricot, and nectarine are enhanced by just a kiss of toasty oak. The bright crisp mouthfeel exposes zesty granite flavors that seamlessly weave around a core of butterscotch and honeycomb. This medium-bodied Chardonnay offers a luscious texture and finishes with an appealing mineral note of wet stones. 

Technical Notes

After almost five years of drought, the 2017 growing season started with record setting rainfalls. However, the increased rainfall also increased vine vigor that required extensive canopy management. Flowering started with sunny and warm conditions, and the wide variety of weather conditions that followed kept us busy. There were foggy and windy days, as well as unusual heat spikes. In June several heat spikes not only drove canopy growth but also seemed to leave clusters with smaller berries and berry weights lighter than normal. At the end of August temperatures soared past 100 degrees. As the heatwave subsided and temperatures actually fell to below normal ranges, vines began to relax and things were back to normal. On October 8th, the fires started. It was far from normal now! Fortunately at this time our Chardonnay had already been harvested, processed, and put into tank. The color, aromatics and flavors are outstanding and reflect the overall excellent quality for the 2017 vintage.