Creekside VQA Under Current Malbec

Creekside Estate Winery

Winery: Creekside Estate Winery
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Gold - Ontario Wine Awards, best new label


This is a quite luscious Pinot Grigio with well-defined and complex flavours and a great, clean, crisp refreshing texture. There's a pink tinge to the wine from the grape skins, which are often a brownish-pink colour. It's not as fruity as many pinot grigios, and the texture makes it an excellent choice for many foods. Try it with chicken, pork and shellfish (like mussels steamed in white wine).” 4 stars out of 5. Rod Phillips, The 500 Best-Value Wines in the LCBO. 117 Rob Power A fresh fruit bowl in your wine glass! Classic Italian style acidity and minerality with Niagara flavours of golden delicious apple, melon, pear and zesty citrus. This Grigio is a reliable crowd pleaser, perfect for any taste and sure to be the life of the party. No need to worry about finding an occasion to crack this bottle, the answer is simple: anytime, anywhere with anything! Juice underwent cool fermentation in stainless steel, and was aged a further 9 months in tank with no lees stirring and the suppression of malolactic conversion in order maintain a focus on intensity and balance. The wine was bottled under Stelvin closure August 14, 2012. Creekside Estate Winery, a 15-acre vineyard and winery on Fourth Avenue near Jordan, ON, is a tuned-in wine brand that has been doing its premium thing on the Niagara Peninsula since 1997. They also own 50-acres on Queenstown Road, St David's Bench, where many of their award winning reds “ including their infamous Broken Press "“ are crafted. The Creekside Cru have been pioneers in the plantings of Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah, which at one point in time were considered viticulturally off-kilter for the region. Our companies share the same passion and dedication to the Ontario industry. We know in our hearts and minds it is a great place to make wine!


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