Over 150 years ago, Anthony Vidal born in Barcelona, Spain. A young man with a spirit for adventure, he sailed across the world to New Zealand arriving in 1888 with just an apple and a penny in his pocket. He joined his uncle Joseph Soler, one of New Zealand’s pioneering vintners, together they worked hard to clear the wild and undeveloped landscape for vineyards. Anthony’s subsequent years were spent learning the art of viticulture and winemaking at his uncle’s side using techniques from their homeland to train the vines. They had extraordinary patience and would wait for years before they released each vintage at its optimum quality.In 1900, Anthony set out to produce wines of his own in a nearby township but his plantings were unsuccessful. Frustrated by the unsuitable soil and climate, Anthony began a search for the perfect growing region to produce the high quality continental style wines he favoured. He found it in Hawkes Bay, purchasing an old racing stable which he converted into rudimentary cellars and established Vidal in 1905. Success followed quickly, underpinned by his patient and natural approach to winemaking. Today we continue this approach, producing unique, terroir-driven wines from outstanding sites in Hawkes Bay and Marlborough that we take to the world.