In May 1931, 70 winegrowers in Italy's northern province of Friuli joined forces to create the co-operative Cantina Sociale of Casara. Theirs is a story of gradual growth, difficult times such as the total destruction of the winery when it was bombed in 1945 followed by gradual re-growth. Today there are 830 partner members farming nearly 2,000 hectares of vineyards. The story of Viticoltori Friulani La Delizia is forward-looking, passionate story based on commitement and tradition. The Cooperative was founded on 7 May 1931 by its first 70 founding members, who decided to work together to create a large partnership. Vini La Delizia currently represents the main wine-producing facility in the Friulin Venezia Giulia region, pairing over 500 wine growers with the 2000 hectares of vineyards that spread within the ˜Friuli Grave™ and the ˜Prosecco™ DOC areas, which are rich in history and that have a strong wine-growing tradition.