I am a licensee account / Bar / Restaurant and I have not ordered from Perigon Beverage Group before – how can I order?

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and great value to our licensee customers and we have a licensee sales team that covers most of Ontario. Please call us (416) 694-3689 or email us at inquiries@perigonbeverage.ca and we will match you up with one of our sales team to support you and provide you with our licensee price list

Can someone from Perigon Beverage Group help me choose products?

Across our team we have a high level of expertise and we can definitely help you choose products based on what you like and what you are looking for. Contact us at inquiries@perigonbeverage.ca or call (416) 694-3689 and we will match your inquiry with the right person on our team.

I was looking for a specific product on your website, but I can’t find it. How do I find out if you carry it, and if I can order it?

Our website is a complete catalogue of the products we currently offer and are available now. Use the search bar to search for a product or a specific winery. If you require more assistance, you can call us at (416) 694-3689 or email us at inquiries@perigonbeverage.ca.

I have an event coming up, can I order wine from you? If so, how far in advance should I place my order?

Yes! Please give us at least 2 weeks advance notice to accommodate any large orders (5 cases or more). We are happy to assist you in planning and selecting wines, please call us at (416) 694-3689 or email us at inquiries@perigonbeverage.ca.

Can I order directly from your website?

Yes, a large number of our wines are available for online ordering by the case and we will deliver it right to your door! Click here to shop now. While you’re at it, sign up for our bi-weekly Dean’s List newsletter to stay updated with new products, mixed cases, and upcoming events. Click here to sign up

Can you deliver outside Ontario?

For direct delivery products delivery is only within Ontario at this time.

How much wine can I order?

There is a minimum order of one case of wine for delivery.

Is there a delivery fee?

There is a $10 delivery fee for orders of 1 or 2 cases. Order 3 cases or more and delivery is free!

Where can you deliver to and how long will it take?

We can deliver to anywhere in Ontario. If your order is within the GTA, delivery will be made within the next 3 business days. If you are located outside of the GTA, delivery will be made within 3-5 business days.

Why can’t I add certain products to my cart on the website?

On our website, some products will have a CHECK AVAILABILITY AT THE LCBO or VISIT PRODUCER TO ORDER ONLINE button underneath. These are not available to order through our website as they can be found in-stores at the LCBO www.lcbo.com or be ordered directly from our local partners websites.

Are there any other fees or costs that I should be aware of before ordering wine from the website?

Prices listed for products that are available for delivery, do not include the bottle deposit ($0.20 per bottle) or applicable delivery fees.

What payment methods do you offer?

On our website, we accept all major credit cards.

Can I return my wine if it is corked or faulted?

Returns are offered within 30 days of delivery. Proof of purchase is required. Please contact us at (416) 694-3689 or email us at inquiries@perigonbeverage.ca.