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Sparkling White


$118.80 ($4.95 per can)

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Perfect on its own or add a wedge of lemon or lime to enhance the natural acidity and fruit flavour. Also great for creating cocktails like a Bellini or Aperol Joiy.

#1 Sparkling Wine in a Can in Ontario.

Silver Medal Winner Air New Zealand Wine Awards

Prosecco style sparkling wine. On the palate is a gorgeous burst of ripe fruit followed by a citrus finish, creating a lovely balance that is not too sweet and not too dry. Notes of wild lemon and lime with subtle hints of honey that is amplified by soft that tantalizes the tongue with a fine bead.

Delightfully aromatic, chic and spirited, Joiy acts as the catalyst for many social escapades. Joiy is inspired by the romance and tranquility of the landscape and is the ultimate fun celebration drink.

Joiy Sparkling White

$118.80 ($4.95 per can)