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Angels Gate
Riesling Angels Step


$156.64 ($13.05 per bottle)

Our winery has been crafting excellent award-winning wines for 20 years. The secret to our success lies in combining traditional winemaking techniques with new-world technologies to produce wines with delicate balance, finesse and structure. Our wines are distinct and we strive to preserve each varietal’s aroma, acidity and structure.

The winery was founded by a group of wine-loving friends on a property once owned by the Cistercian Order of Nuns, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. It has operated as a fruit orchard, and was owned by a local family who operated it as a mink farm until 1970 when it was abandoned. In 1995, the land was converted into a vineyard, the first grapes were planted in 1996, the first vintage was made in 2000, and the winery opened in 2002. To date, we farm more than 180 estate acres.

This off-dry, aromatic sparkling wine is produced using the traditional method. This implies that the wine endures a second fermentation and lees conditioning in the bottle to establish the effervescence. This sparkling spent less time on the lees (aging with the yeast in the wine) than our other brut sparkling wines. The goal with this style of wine is to maintain a fresh and fruity style. Finally, a small amount of residual sugar was left behind to give a subtle sweetness.
The aromatics of this wine demonstrate clean and refreshing characters of citrus, mango and melon with very subtle herbaceous undertones. The palate is clean, crisp and lively! Lemon-drop and melon spritz onto the palate. The acidity is crisp and balanced, offering fulfilling refreshment. The hint of sweetness at the end gives a pleasant finish to the wine.

Angels Gate Riesling Angels Step

$156.64 ($13.05 per bottle)